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Tickets are finally available!  While we're pleased that we could achieve this offering, we need your help.  We're excited to share the Papé Cascade Chute Out presented by Central Oregon Heating, Cooling & Plumbing with you.  We have a heck of a show planned, but we need your ongoing assistance and understanding as we launch.  By purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing to abide by our Health & Safety Plan at all times.  Preparing a safe event for you is our primary concern.

Notice that we have multiple venue options (think of these venues like sections with walls).  Once you've selected and purchased a particular venue's ticket you will be UNABLE TO CROSS over into another venue.  You will park in a specific parking lot unique to your venue, purchase food and drinks, utilize restrooms and sit all within your own venue.

Talk to your friends ahead of time or buy a group of tickets all at once so that you are in the same venue!

More specific information is available on our ticket shop page.